What is Namma11?
Namma11 is the fantasy league which gives you an opportunity to decide and manage teams and also chances to win cash.

How do I sign up?

Once you are on Namma11, register by filling out a short form or connect instantly with your Facebook or Google+ account.

How do I play on Namma11?

Register/Log into Namma11.

Click on the ‘Create Team’ button for the match you want to join.

Create your team of 11 players (including a Captain & Vice-captain) within an allocated virtual budget of 100 credits from all the players in the match.
Join free or cash contests of your choice. Cash contests let you win cash and require an entry fee, for which we provide multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net banking.

Once the live match starts, your team starts earning points based on actual performances of the players selected by you. Final points, ranks and winners are declared after the end of the match.

How to add money in the wallet?

Money can be added to the wallet using the secured payment gateway in the website through net banking / credit card / debit card.

How do I win?

Based on the winning amount, the contestants who joined the contests will win depending on the rank they score with the selected players. The actual performance of the selected players will give you points. To know about points, check the Points System section. The top contestants will win as per the contest winning amounts.

Where will my winning amount reflect?

If the contestant is a winner, the winning amount will get added in the wallet amount.

What can I do with the wallet amount?

You can either withdraw your wallet amount or you can play more contests.