About Us

In a world swarmed by cricket and sport enthusiasts, every fan is just a forgettable face amongst a crowd of thousands that all come together during a game. Cheering, hooting, and reacting to the favorite player’s moves only adds that much more energy into the game, but here’s where it all changes.

Presenting Namma11, a new-era fantasy sports application that has a spectator involved in a match as much as a real player. Every single fan in a crowd of thousands now has the chance to be the face behind an electrifying team that defies all odds and wins championships along with hearts.

We present unprecedented opportunities in areas that comprise of team management, contests, analytical skill, sport acumen, and also testing one’s timing, that put the real test on a sports’ fan’s knowledge and understanding of a sport. In turn, they get to celebrate their team’s victory while also having a chance to hold their digital trophy in the real world. In real hard earned cash.
What are you waiting for?

FIFS General Principles

  • This Charter for Online Fantasy Sports Platforms (“Charter”) is published and issued by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (“FIFS”). This Charter is applicable to each member of the FIFS (“Member”) who is an operator of an online fantasy sports platform (“OFSP”) in India. This Charter shall be governed and construed in accordance with the FIFS By-Laws, as amended/reissued from time to time (“By-Laws”).
  • In pursuance of its objectives and in an attempt to self-regulate OFSPs within the territory of the Republic of India, FIFS hereby issues this Charter setting out minimum standards and expectations for any entity carrying on the business of operating an OFSP (“OFSP Operators”) in India. Provided that all contests on OFSPs operated by any FIFS Members adhere to the General Principles of this Charter in full or are approved in manner set out in this Charter, and subject to such continuing adherence, such OFSP Operator shall be considered an “FIFS Approved Operator”. No contest format on an OFSP may be offered by an FIFS Approved Operator unless the same adheres to the Charter or is confirmed by the Governing Council of the FIFS (“Governing Council”).